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Why we’re Singapore’s Best Personal Loan Provider

Looking for a place or institution to trust when it comes to loans and moneylending is tricky. But it’s not impossible. Meet R2D Credit, a private and licensed moneylender, known also as a money lender, here in Singapore. We are registered with the Ministry of Law which allows us to operate legally in the city.

We are known for their high approval rates for varying types of loans in Singapore, and here, we offer cash loans to anyone who might be in a financial constraint. Need to find us? The R2D Credit office is located at Yishun Ring Road, 2-minute walking distance from Khatib MRT.

Our well-experienced and certified loan officers and experts are more than willing to provide the assistance you need to get your loan processed and sanctioned efficiently. Whether it’s a small loan or a big one, we are ready to help you find exactly what you need.

Getting a loan from R2D Credit is fast and effortless. There’s no need for us to check credit scores, seek collateral, guarantors, or deposits to provide a loan. At R2D Credit, we offer loans that are tailored to suit the needs of everyone irrespective of their status quo. Learn more about us and our services here.


Our interest rates are as low as 4% per month. For instance, if John Doe lends $100 for a month, at the end of the month, he is paying back $104. If he was to borrow it for two months, he is paying back $108. Any amount you decide to loan from us at R2D Credit, and for how long you want to loan the money, the interest would be calculated and included in your contract.

At R2D Credits, we ensure everyone who needs a loan can receive cash loan with low-interest rates and a flexible repayment scheme. To get your loans approved at R2D credits fill out the forms and answer some clearance question. At R2D Credits, we provide financial help to everyone who needs us.


Our affordable loan terms have made us stand out as the best-licensed moneylender in Singapore. With R2D Credit, you can say goodbye to short and unreasonable loan terms that would leave a hole in your pocket and your heart. As we offer longer loan terms than any other moneylenders (Up to 8 months repayment scheme!), so that your repayments remain comfortable and friendly to your wallet.  Whether you are a Singaporean or a foreign worker in Singapore, you are sure to enjoy this benefit with us. 

Be it a weekly loan, Bi-Weekly loan, monthly loan, or whatever type of loan you want, R2D has got your back. In case you have any further question about our loan terms, our professional and friendly loan officers are more than willing to answer your questions. 

Ever wanted to get a loan, and you had no collaterals? Or have your request to get a loan been declined because you had no collateral? If so, we at R2D are willing to get you the loan you need. Our loans are flexible, easy to pay, and completely no collateral is required.  

As a licensed moneylender in Singapore, we aim to help our community the best we can, through providing the financial assistance they need. As long as you are eligible to receive cash loan in Singapore, walk into our office, and our professional and friendly loan officers would walk you through the process.

We at R2D Credit understand the urgency of a loan. In respect to that, our loan officers are working tirelessly to process your loan requests as fast as possible. The whole process of getting a loan, from filling out an application to receiving your cash loan takes only 20 minutes.  

With the high approval rates at R2D, you can put your trust in us as we are a reliable licensed moneylender in Singapore. So, when next you find yourself desperately in need for a cash loan in Singapore, be sure to stop by R2D Credits.

At R2D Credit, we believe everybody should be eligible to get a loan in Singapore. And as such, provided you are 18 years of age and above, you can apply for a loan at R2D Credit. Of course, you will need to bring along a couple of documentations for verification purposes to approve your loan request. 

For foreigners in Singapore who want to get a loan, all you need is your passport, proof of employment, proof of income, proof of residency, and you are good to go. Walk into our office and apply for a loan today.

Our Mission

Making a difference

One of the primary missions of R2D is to make a difference in Singapore then to the rest of the world. To grow in life and to get most of the life problems solved, money is needed, but money can be scarce. 

In that case, we at R2D Credits, offer loans to people to provide financial help that they need. We want to make a difference; let’s make a difference together. Apply for a loan today, get those pressing needs solved, start that new business, and discover a whole new you. 

Social responsibility

We believe it is our social responsibility to offer loans to people with low-interest rates and a flexible repayment scheme. Rather than extorting people with the terms of our loans, we ensure our loans are accessible to everyone. So, even if you are a foreigner living in Singapore, you can access any of our numerous loans. 

We are Singapore’s No. 1 true licensed moneylender, and as such we ought to give back to the society. We at R2D Credits urge you to help us serve you. 

Shedding new light to moneylending

Moneylending is not all about giving money, but about giving money that can be sustained. At R2D our low-interest rates and flexible repayment scheme ensures everyone can get the loan they want and payback with ease. 

Our high approval rate of loans at R2D Credit also speaks for us. You do not need to go the extra miles to get a loan. You do not need to collaterals and a long list of requirements to be eligible. Come to R2D Credit today and discover the new age of moneylending. 

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The desire to own and have something to build from scratch to the peak is present in several people.

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A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine all your debts into a single, lower interest rate loan.

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