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Many people dream of building something big for themselves. The desire to own and have something to build from scratch to the peak is present in several people. For many people, this desire manifests itself in the form of owning a business.

Owning a business comes with many challenges. The least of which is not having to source for funds. Capital is the crucial ingredient required for the success of any business. For many of these businesses, the required capital is often beyond what any individual can raise from family and friends. The capital would often have to be sourced from external sources, most notably banks. Banks, however, have a reputation of being extremely difficult sources to raise capital from. This is despite the fact that many of the aspiring business owners that get turned down are credit worthy and do not deserve the rejection of the banks.

For many people, the rejection of their loan bids can put a serious dent in their desire to own a business and many people end up giving up. Your desire to own your own business does not have to be put under threat by any bank rejection. This is why R2D Credit, a licensed and moneylender in Singapore that is registered with the Ministry of Law was established, to help out business owners to get SME loans in Singapore. With high approval rates, we provide financial help for business owners that are seeking to start up their own businesses.

You can come to us to receive a cash loan having at the back of your mind that we offer our loans at ridiculously low interest rates with a flexible loan repayment scheme.

We undoubtedly offer the best business loan that you can find in Singapore without even going out as we are also an online money lender!

Now, what is a business loan?

A business loan is a loan deal that is designed in such a way that you do not have to provide security or collateral. To ensure that this loan helps you in the business that you have decided to start, both parties (you and us) can agree of a time when you would be able to pay back this loan sum, along with the interest.
So whether your plan is to finally start up that business you have been waiting to start or to expand an existing plan, you finally have a reliable loan offer that you can you trust and rely on.


Please note that at R2D Credit, your convenience means a lot to us and we have designed the loan collection process in such a way as to cause little discomfort to you as possible.

However, a business loan is slightly more complicated to apply for in terms of the documents that are required and the length of time that it takes to process. On average, it takes about 5-7 working days for a business loan to be processed depending on the loan amount that you plan to take up.

With a business loan, any business owner is eligible to take up a business loan of 10k to 300k. For anyone aspiring to take up a business loan, there is a loan application form that needs to be filled at our loan office. The amount of money that you wish to loan and the repayment method will be subject to approval.

As soon as the details of the loan requirements have been settled, we will contact you and then arrange for a time for you to come and personally pick up your cash loan from the office.

So, before you head down to our loan office that is located at Yishun Ring Road which is a walking distance from Khatib MRT (exactly two minutes from Khatib MRT); there are a few documents that you should bring along with you and these documents include:

  • Your company’s BizFile
  • The most recent six months of your company’s bank statements
  • A copy of the identity card (printed front and back) of all directors and shareholders
  • The most recent 2 years of financial report
  • All directors and shareholders’ Notice of Assessment
  • All directors and shareholders’ CBS report (this can be bought from
  • Latest month’s staff CPF contribution statement (if any)
  • Tenancy agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best bank for SMEs owners is OCBC, as they offer an extensive range of option for businesses.

SME stands for Small and Mid-size Enterprises, they are ‘start-up’ businesses that thrive in dense and business cities like Singapore.

You can get an SME loan in Singapore through R2D Credit’s online money lender programme. Reach out to our expert financial advisors today to talk about terms and flexible low-interest rates.

The best loan you can take out for your business is called an SME loan, if you are a start-up. Most money lenders and banks in Singapore are more than willing to help you build your company from ground up.

SME stands for Small and Mid-size Enterprises.

For you to avail an SME loan in Singapore, your company should have been established six months prior to your application, this is the minimum ‘age’ for enterprises. Bring out these documents and make extra copies: ACRA records, business financial reports, etc.