List of All 5 Licensed Yishun’s Money Lenders

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List of All 5 Licensed Yishun’s Money Lenders

Standing female executive explains loans to a smiling seated couple in a Yishun money lender office
Standing female executive explains loans to a smiling seated couple in a Yishun money lender office

Singapore has consistently topped the world’s list of safest cities for decades. Yet, there are pockets within the country that have been in the news for crime and, unfortunately, Yishun is one of them.

Money Lending in Yishun

Yishun made the headlines a number of years ago as one of the regions of Singapore where crime was most prevalent. Among the most rampant illegal activities was loansharking. One of the chief reasons for that statistic was the lack of competent legal moneylenders in Yishun at that time.

Since then, licensed money lenders has extended its wide range of services to the local population, offering an attractive combination of low rates and generous terms. They are especially considerate of clients who may be struggling financially due to an irregular employment record. Licensed Yishun moneylenders such as R2D Credit are actively working to rebuild the local community and its reputation.

List of Licensed Money Lenders in Yishun

    1. R2D CREDIT PTE. LTD. (Highest number of 5 stars reviews in Yishun)
      Address: BLK 846, YISHUN RING ROAD, #01-3661, SINGAPORE 760846
      Tel: 6635 1596

    2. ACCREDIT PTE. LTD. (Yishun Branch)
      Address: BLK 743, YISHUN AVENUE 5, #01-548, NEE SOON CENTRAL SPRING, SINGAPORE 760743
      Tel: 6219 2662

    3. FAST MONEY PTE. LTD. (Yishun Branch)
      Address: 101, YISHUN AVENUE 5, #01-35, SINGAPORE 760101
      Tel: 6224 4749

      Address: BLK 807, YISHUN RING ROAD, #01-4197, SINGAPORE 760807
      Tel: 6438 0113

    5. LENDING BEE PTE. LTD. (Yishun Branch)
      Address: BLK 925, YISHUN CENTRAL 1, #01-233, SINGAPORE 760925
      Tel: 6219 1611


Recent Incidents

A report from 2018 noted that there were 232 individual reports made to police about illegal money lending activities in Yishun North alone. The bulk of this comprised intimidation and harassment regarding outstanding debt. These were the highest figures in all of Singapore.

In late 2020, the police broke up a mid-sized illegal betting operation in Yishun. In April 2021, a pan-island operation against illegal betting resulted in seizures of cash in excess of $1.2 million from several homes across Singapore, including one in Yishun.

Precautionary Measures

Illegal moneylenders operate in a way that sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish them from legal lenders. Look out for these signs of an illegal vendor:

  • Advertises on chat apps such as WhatsApp
  • Has no physical office
  • Offers loans without you asking
  • Demands pre-payment of ‘GST’ and similar fees
  • Approves a loan without a face-to-face meeting


Choose The Right Loan in Yishun

Remember only to consider a Yishun licensed moneylender like R2D Credit when you need a loan. We strongly advise everyone against resorting to illegal moneylenders. Our flexible policies cater to borrowers who have limited financial options after being turned away by banks due to bad credit scores.

R2D Credit may be able to extend you the loan you need but within a safe and reasonable legal framework. Our strict adherence to the law gives you the safety of government protections, reasonable interest rates, ethical repayment schedules, and complete privacy.

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